Dear friends, Dear people who wants to make a difference in podiatry!

It is my pleasure to inform you that the Association for Podiatry from Romania and the Neurodiab – Society for Diabetic Neuropathy is continuing the tradition and is organizing again, this year online, the summer school in the field of diabetic neuropathy, diabetic foot and podiatry. We intend to make a big community of specialists interested in the above mentioned field.

In order to keep the audience interest high, it is important to mention that the event is designed to be an interactive one and the whole event will have simultaneous translation from Romanian language into English.

In order to build together this community of health care professionals and specialists in podiatry, I kindly ask you to help us to advertise the events among your students, friends interested in this field, on social media, via email etc.

Please see below all the links related to the Summer School in Podiatry 2021 and the Neurodiab Summer School 2021.

Summer School in Podiatry 2021:
Website page (RO):
Website page (EN):
Facebook event (RO):

Neurodiab Summer School 2021:
Website page (RO & EN):
Facebook event (RO & EN):

Thank you for your whole support.

Thank you for sharing with us the same mission and same vision in the field of podiatry, especially in the field of diabetic foot, for the benefit of people with diabetes.